Used in a wide range of training scenarios from the classroom to the field in the form of just-in-time instruction; Digimation’s virtual trainers leverage interactive 3D simulations to teach everything from equipment operation and maintenance, to proper safety procedures.

The team at Digimation consists of pioneers in 3D production, training and simulation, and 3D software development. Whether your needs call for real time models for simulations, highly realistic animation, or a turnkey application built around interactive 3D graphics, we can help.

Whether your 3D projects focus on a single theme or tend to be more diverse, our model libraries can provide just the content you need at a price you can afford. For example, The Archive contains 16,504 high quality 3D models across a wide variety of subject matter and sells for just $599.

For more than twenty years Digimation has provided leading software tools for 3D users. Our award-winning products are used by creative professionals throughout the world in the development of feature films, broadcast productions, interactive games, and simulations.

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Selected as a top training and simulation company for the past ten years in a row.

Now in our 22nd year, Digimation develops and delivers 3D products and solutions for customers in the training and entertainment industries. Using the latest technologies and expertise, Digimation creates products that inform, instruct, and inspire.

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