The OpenFlight Library

Optimized for real time applications, the OpenFlight Library is the natural choice for training, visualization and simulators.



With more than 1,500 models, the OpenFlight Library is the natural choice for training, visualization, and simulation applications. Most models in our library come complete with texture maps, multiple levels of detail, and other attributes. All of our real time models are optimized to perform within the demanding requirements of real time applications, balancing the need for realism with CPU processing capacity.

OpenFlight Library models contain the features you would expect from simulation models including multiple levels of detail, articulations and state switches. And is by chance we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we can create it for you.


The OpenFlight Library features 451 Land & Sea models including military ships, submarines, tanks, trucks, and a variety of military land vehicles, 594 Air & Space models including military and civilian aircraft, helicopters, satellites, and spacecraft, and 538 Buildings & People models including a variety of structures, housing, airports, city infrastructure, and soldiers in various positions.