Studio Services

Studio services from Digimation is the perfect solution for increasing your production bandwidth, lowering your creative costs, and enhancing the final look of your 3D projects.


Digimation’s expert artists can create highly detailed and accurate 3D models from virtually anything. If you have CAD data, we can convert and optimize it. If you have the actual object, we can scan it. If you just have photos, we can work with those too; as we did for the diesel engine shown below.

“I have worked many projects requiring the marriage of technology, technical expertise, subject matter expertise, and creative genius. I would rank Digimation right at the top.”

Jake Shuford

Rear Admiral (US Navy, ret), Mission Assurance International


If you’re looking for a partner who understands 3D in all its forms, you’ve come to the right place. For nearly 25 years, Digimation has focused on delivering cutting edge 3D solutions to clients in the simulation and entertainment industry.

Digimation blends exceptional creative talent with application development skills, and a deep understanding of 3D technology. Simply put, you won’t find another company with our unique blend of expertise and artistic ability.