Marketing 3.0

Product information your customers won’t want to put down.
Presented in a way they won’t soon forget.


Your products are the best in the industry, but it’s up to you to help your customers understand what makes them great. Digimation can help by creating interactive 3D simulations of your products that combine a compelling sales and marketing experience with real time access to product data and animated demonstrations. The result is a better equipped sales channel and more enthusiastic customers.

Using a combination of 3D parts, procedural animations, and product information we can deliver an experience that goes beyond marketing by allowing users to explore internal components, interact with your product in use, and even learn basic operational and maintenance information.

“Digimation has enabled us to demonstrate a typically unattractive and featureless product from the outside, as something dramatic and interesting by exploring features and parts not typically seen. Using Digimation’s 3D product simulation we’re able to demonstrate features and capabilities that we would typically not be able to do with a 2,000 pound piece of equipment.”

Dean Nohe

Program Manager, Global Technical Systems


Paper brochures and PDF files just can’t compare to Digimation’s interactive product experiences because they allow companies with complex products and solutions to demonstrate and articulate functionality and product advantages visually, in a way that makes it easy for customers to understand.

Interactive displays, apps, and brochures are the perfect complement to your trade show presence. Digimation’s 3D programs allow potential customers to explore, learn, and engage with products with or without assistance – and they can be given away, which keeps your products in your customer’s hands and minds long after the show has ended.

Digimation’s 3D product demonstrations deliver extraordinary realism that allows users to experience products by viewing them from every angle, exploring options and features (removing parts, reviewing options and configurations, etc.) – an experience akin to having your products in the customer’s hand.